Turn your Garage to Home School Room

Other homes have no basement where they put all of their storage, our home has no basement so our storage is all pile up to our garage. But then with a number of five children where they need to have a place to study so we decided to turn our garage into a homeschool room for our children. Planning is a key, we began with planning, a lot and lots of planning. We talk a lot of our plan we do this because we know that the more we talk things out. The better off you will as you get starts on the project.


Our plan to have a house a new multipurpose room within our garage walls. It means that we still have a functional garage door with storage space. Together with a new sealed-off-from-the-weather laundry area that’s the focus of another makeover later on. In the previous days, we had a problem with our garage door so we came to the conclusion when we convert the room that we will bring in, so call a garage door repair company to get the job done so that we will not have any problem in the future.


During our renovation we allow our children to help us in all of our projects. So they have an idea of how to build their homeschool room. We framed our walls and ceiling, then we added insulation to all of the walls that would touch the outside weather. With the additional layer of plastic weatherproofing before adding in drywall on those outside walls. For an extra element of moisture-proofing. Then we came to the flooring of our homeschool room, and I’m so delighted with the choice that we made. Actually, it is much better from other flooring in the rest of the house.

To make it more look a homeschool room multi-purpose.

We add in a pull-out couch so it can use for a guest room when needed. However, the room has no window it is a perfect room to hold our projector. So we intentionally left the wall above the kid’s desk intentionally blank and installed a wall shelf on the opposite wall to hold the projector.

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